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ICEMR-MALI : Multidisciplinary Research For Malaria Control And Prevention in West Africa
Wide deployment of malaria control tools in the past decade, has significantly contribute to substantial reduction of the incidence and deaths related to the disease in Sub-sahara Africa[1]. Yet, the region continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden of malaria deaths. Several studies report a high but stable malaria incidence in Africa [2-5].

Our Projects



Study the different patterns of malaria epidemiology (human & vector) to understand the changes in relation to current control strategies

Immuno - Genetics

Examine the genetic diversity of malaria parasites, antimalarial drug metabolizing enzymes, immunological aspects and assess their effects on effectiveness of malaria control interventions

Vector Ecology

Investigate the sources and survival strategies of malaria vector population during the long dry season and their impact on malaria transmission

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